About Us

Navigator organizes itineraries across Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. We specialize in simple, insightful and creative event and experiential solutions. From corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and concerts, to brand experiences and a wealth of other integrated services, including marketing, public relations, sponsorship and innovative design, lighting and projection, Navigator can deliver it all seamlessly. Our services also includes Global Visa assistance, Hotel booking, Transportation arrangements, Flight bookings and Event management.

Navigator Holidays and events is the brainchild of two individuals who followed their dreams, ignoring the distractions of this era, to create something beautiful, something they both loved doing- a business model that revolved around travel and hospitality. What started as an epic road trip in the wild and desolate, soon emerged as a reliable travel desk, one that offered unseen and unheard adventures to people around the world. 

 Today, Navigator is responsible for creating smiles on the face of our clients. Our staffs work tirelessly to ensure the odd itineraries that the company runs presents the perfect balance between adventure, culture, history and natural beauty. 

You’re in Good Hands